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To a pioneering medical practice dedicated to the comprehensive care of nasal health and sinus-related conditions. Led by the renowned specialist, Mr. Hassan Elhassan, our clinic is at the forefront of providing advanced treatment solutions for septal perforations issues.

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Septal Perforation

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Septal Perforation

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At Septal Perforation, we are your partners in the journey to better nasal health. Our experienced team and cutting-edge treatments are here to guide you every step of the way.

Mr. Hassan Elhassan

Consultant Surgeon

Septal Perforation Care

Expert Consultations

Mr. Hassan, a septal perforation specialist, provides personalised consultations, ensuring precise diagnosis and tailored treatment.

Innovative Methods

We employ state-of-the-art methods, led by Mr. Hassan’s expertise, to deliver high success rates in repairing perforations and restoring function.

Personalised Care

Our patient-centric approach ensures tailored care, from the first consultation to follow-up, addressing your unique needs.

Modern Equipment ​ is your local clinic, offering top-notch care and convenience with a personal touch. Your comfort and well-being are our priorities

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Celebrating Success Stories

Dr. Elhassan was really great in both assessing, explaining, and treating my deviated septum. I am glad I went ahead with the surgery and found the doctor’s explanation very satisfactory. Highly recommend having him help you.
Doctor Hassan was amazing. He looked into my nose and helped me understand what was (and more important, what was NOT) happening to me. I highly recommend him as ENT for his attention and medical skills.
Explained the procedure very well and was respectful the whole time. Actual surgery was swift with a quick recovery. Post-op my breathing is a lot better, and there is also a visible improvement.
Dr Elhassan was really clear throughout the process about what would be involved and always put me at my ease. The surgery itself was phenomenally successful from my perspective.
Mr. Elhassan has been very attentive, thorough and reassuring throughout the whole process of the surgery. He has provided excellent post-op care and was always available for any queries or concerns. I am very satisfied with the outcome of the surgery.

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